EVENT SHIRTS!    I’ve spent the last month trying to get the shirt distributor to send me shipping labels to mail out shirts.  I can’t get a response, so I’m trying to update the labels and shirt sizes myself.  I don’t have access to all the records to do this and have sent an email to those participants that I’m missing shirt sizing info.  Feel free to email mkalinowski@customizo.com and let him know you’ve been waiting for your shirts for over 5 weeks now.  Maybe he’ll respond.  I’ll never use this company again for anything.Shirts Example

PHOTOS ARE READY!!!  All the photos from Saturday have been loaded to a Flickr album and you can search by bib number!  Thank you for your patience!

RESULTS are available online!  Click here to check out your race times or find a friend’s finish time.  You can search by name or bib number!

OUR CAUSE!  March Forth has the greatest volunteers and participants.  This year we raised over $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)!  This event is put on by myself and an army of volunteers to raise as much money as possible for LLS.  I am honored to partner with you and families like Team Fabio, Team Loic, and Team Stephanie to help find cures and find them now.  Do you work for Boeing?  If you participated in March Forth, Boeing will donate an additional $100 to LLS on your behalf!  Would you consider going through the steps to secure this donation?  Click here for instructions.

Thank you for a wonderful 3rd annual March Forth Fun Run!!

-Holly Westerfield

Send any questions or comments to info@MarchForthFunRun.com

or call 206-395-6419.

Start line

All proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.