All the photos from Saturday have been loaded to a Flickr album and you can search by bib number!  Mini marchers are tagged by their numbers and by “MiniMarch.”  If your bib number wasn’t visible, try searching for the tags “unknown” and “nobib” and see if you can spot yourself.  Feel free to add your own tag!

Click here for the 2014 race photos!

IMPORTANT:  Remember when searching for your photos to select “March Forth Fun Run Photostream” or else you’ll be searching through the entire Flickr site.

Searcing Flickr

Not sure how to download your free photos?  Here are some screen shots to help you!

How to download photos

A huge thank you to photographer Jonathan Schmidt for volunteering his time and talents to capture your race morning.

Did you forget your bib number?  Check out the results link to search for your name and you can find your bib number.